Казино: Система лояльности

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Казино: Система лояльности

Быстрый и легкий способ создать клубные карты для посетителей казино.

The challenge

In 2010, the American company M3T revolutionized the casino sector by proposing the «M3T Vault,» the very first system for managing cash distribution in real time. M3T has added an Evolis Dualys plastic card printer to its M3T Vault service, integrated with M3T Cash Access Kiosk to allow casino customers easy and rapid access to a member card or to gift cards.

The solution and its advantages

Thanks to the expertise of its Evolis distributor, TransTech Systems, M3T has installed an Evolis Dualys card printer in its kiosk. This double-sided color card printer automatically and instantly personalizes membership cards. It can also be used to produce gift cards or promotional cards.

In practice, customers tend to use the M3T cash distributor kiosk for:

  • Withdrawing cash
  • Joining the casino players club
  • Obtaining a membership card
The expertise of TransTech Systems in the field of identification, and the pioneering technology and expertise of M3T with regard to casino management systems, are definitely the answer to all the requirements of casinos throughout the world,» said Gerardo Talavera, Evolis Commercial Director for the Americas.
Gerardo Talavera, Evolis Sales Director Americas