Как ухаживать за чистящими валиками?

Cleaning rollers remove dust from the front and back sides of cards inserted in the printer.
You can expect these rollers to be dirty, as the result of doing their job efficiently.

  1. Open the printer cover.
  2. Locate the first cleaning roller and remove it from its housing.
  3. Use a cleaning wipe provided by Evolis.
  4. Remove any dust by gently rubbing the wipe across the roller’s surface.
  5. Once the roller is clean and dry, place it back in the printer and make sure it is in its appropriate position.
  6. Then, set the ribbon back and close the printer cover.
  7. Remove the printer feeder by pressing on both sides.
  8. Clean the second roller with the wipe by gently rubbing it.
  9. Then, reattach the feeder to the printer and push it until it clicks in its slot.
  10. The printer is now available.
  11. Wait a couple of minutes before using the printer until the cleaning product has fully evaporated.