Как проводить расширенную чистку принтера

 To carry out an in-depth clean of your printer, we recommend you clean the card feed rollers in addition to carrying out a basic clean every 5 regular cleans.


  1. Open the printer cover.

  2. Using the gauge, set the card thickness to the MAX position.

  3. Remove the ribbon from the printer if present.

  4. Close the cover and check it has clicked shut.

  5. Remove any cards present in the feeder.

  6. Remove a new "T" shaped cleaning card provided by Evolis from its sachet.

  7. Double-click the control panel’s pushbutton.

  8. When the Card/ribbon LED on the control panel flashes, Insert the "T" card into the opened feeder (not in the manual feeder). Cleaning starts.

  9. Remove the "T" card and close the feeder.

  10. Peel off the film from an adhesive cleaning card supplied by Evolis.

  11. Insert the cleaning card in the manual feeder, adhesive face upwards. Cleaning starts.

  12. The used adhesive card is ejected automatically by the manual feeder.

  13. Put the ribbon back into the printer, then place some blank cards in the feeder and adjust the gauge to the appropriate card thickness.