Как произвести тщательную чистку принтера?

To perform an advanced cleaning of the Quantum, we recommend that you clean the card feed rollers in addition to the basic maintenance of the inside of the printer.

  1. Make sure that your printer is turned ON.
  2. Open the cover of the encoding module, then the cover for the printing module.
  3. Make sure that the encoding module is in position A (Mag down)
  4. Locate the 7 feed rollers (4 in the printing module, 3 in the encoding module).
  5. Take a new cleaning card.
  6. With one hand, press one of the buttons on the control panel and keep pressing it.
  7. The rollers will start to roll.
  8. In order to clean the rollers, using your other hand, apply the cleaning card to each of the rollers.
  9. Feel free to use several cards in order to clean the rollers completely.
  10. After this cleaning, next clean the cleaning rollers and the printing head.
  11. Close the printer covers.
  12. Wait two minutes for the cleaning solution to evaporate completely before using the printer.