Как чистить внутренние части принтера?

When it becomes necessary to clean the inside of the printer (after every 900 cards inserted), the NEED CLEANING message will appear on the display, and the LED will be lit up in red.
This message is a warning that tells the operator that it is time to proceed to the cleaning cycle.

  1. With the printer ON, open the printing module cover.
  2. Remove the ribbon, then close the cover.
  3. Remove the feeder from the printer.
  4. Take a new cleaning card provided by Evolis.
  5. Enter the display menu by pressing one of the buttons.
  6. Select the CLEANING menu, then confirm with OK
  7. Next select PRINTER and confirm with OK.
  8. The cleaning cycle will execute, and the display will indicate Cleaning … and Insert Cleaning Card 
  9. Insert the cleaning card manually by placing it onto both document feeder guides and push it into the machine. The cleaning card will load automatically.
  10. The repeated passes of the card inside the printer will clean the card transfer rollers, the cleansing roller, the printer head, as well as the magnetic encoding head.
  11. At the end of the cycle, the card will be ejected into the reject box.
  12. Open the cover and put the ribbon back in place.
  13. Close the cover.
  14. Replace the cards into the loader and reset the gauge to the card thickness desired.
  15. After a cleaning cycle, wait 2 minutes for the cleaning solution to evaporate completely before using the printer.
  16. While waiting, use the time to empty the reject box and clean your printer head.