Как ухаживать за чистящими валиками?

The purpose of the cleaning rollers is to eliminate residual dust on the front and back sides of the cards before they are inserted into the printer. As a result, these rollers are systematically dirty. That is the sign that they are effective.

  1. Open the cover of the printing module.
  2. Remove the printer ribbon if one is present.
  3. Locate the 2 cleaning rollers and disengage them from their seats.
  4. Take a cleaning wipe provided by Evolis.
  5. Eliminate all of the dust by gently rubbing the wipe across the roller surface..
  6. Once the rollers are dry, replace them in the printer, making sure that they are installed properly.
  7. Put the ribbon back into in the printer.
  8. Close the cover.
  9. Wait two minutes for the cleaning solution to evaporate completely before using the printer.