Как установить карты в устройстве загрузки?

Quantum printers will accept cards with thicknesses from 0.76 mm to 1 mm.

To install the cards:

  1. Press the card feeder actuator, then lift the card feeder and pull it out of the printer.
  2. Open the door, lift the weight to the top of the card feeder. The weight will be held in place by a magnet.
  3. Insert the cards packet by packet into the card feeder.
  4. Repeat the operation until you reach the number of cards desired (loader capacity: a maximum of 500 cards in 0.76mm).
    Note that the printable side is located on the visible side of the cards.
  5. The direction in which magnetic strip or contact chip cards should be installed depends on the position of the encoding module (position A or B).
  6. - Please refer to the notice located on the weight.
  7. Detach the weight from the magnet and lower it onto the inserted cards.
  8. Close the card feeder door and replace the card feeder in the printer with the door towards the outside.
  9. The CLICK will confirm that the card feeder is properly positioned in the printer.  

It is possible to place the cards back into the card feeder positioned on the printer, even while it is in operation. You must be careful not to insert cards below the level indicated.

Similarly, you can remove the personalized cards from the re-stacker placed on the printer while it is working. Here also, do not in any case attempt to remove cards below the level indicated